What Was That Ringing Around Your Brain?

The reason for this blog? Yes I know Oasis split a good while ago, but with The Chief still touring with his High Flying Birds, rumours of a Liam solo comeback and the upcoming Supersonic documentary and re-issue of Be Here Now now seemed a good time to start laying out my thoughts on the past, current and future of the band and it’s former members.

As Noel finishes up the touring of his second HFB’s album with some UK festival dates but Liam hopefully putting the finishing touches to his unconfirmed collaboration with Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid, hopefully the news will pick up some pace in the next few months, alongside the two major releases in October.

Noel is also looking to finish of his 3rd solo album by the end of the year, with a release aimed at 2017, the future for fans of the Gallaghers looks rosy.

But don’t think we will forget about the other former members of Oasis, but currently only Andy Bell (back with Ride, the band he was a member of before joining Oasis) and Chris Sharrock (currently touring as a member of the High Flying Birds) are working, but hopefully the rumours of Bonehead joining Liam come to fruition.

For now I will see you somewhere down the road.


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