Liam As a Solo Artist

So now the news has officially broken, Liam Gallagher has signed a record deal with Warner Brothers and will release his first “solo” album early in 2017.

This comes after earlier this year, he was asked whether he was planning on recording a solo album to which this was the reply.


Once his deal was announced on 25/8/16, he did acknowledge the fact he had said this


But this article isn’t about the fact that he has signed the deal, it’s more about what’s to come from Liam as a solo artist.

In his interview with Q Magazine, which was released just days before the official announcement, he mentioned the process he was going through which included demoing 10-11 tracks.

But the more interesting comments were about what the recording process had entailed. He mentions that the band he had put together included an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drum kit and a keyboard, and included two long-term friends, one who was a multi instrumentalist.

Now who these people are is anyone’s guess, and to that point I am going to guess.

First up I am going with the multi instrumentalist being former (2nd generation) Oasis guitarist Gem Archer. He has been out of the spotlight pretty much since Liam’s former band, Beady Eye, split up, bar a couple of acoustic gigs with Liam’s big brother Noel. He also always seemed to come across as Liam’s right hand man when it came to song writing.

My guess at the other one would be none other than one of Liam’s childhood friends and original Oasis member, Paul ‘Bonehead’ Arthurs. Now it seems such a long time ago since he quit Oasis, 1999 in fact, but it doesn’t mean he has been inactive, releasing a couple of albums from different projects over the years. Not only that, the few times Liam has performed since Beady Eye split, Bonehead has been by his side.

As for the other members of Liam’s band I have no clue.

Now another interesting thought, Liam’s live shows. What will they consist of etc?

Now obviously he will be promoting the album but will he get away with just having a set that only includes the new stuff?

We saw with the latter days of Beady Eye, that he knew that people were coming to see him for what had come before (something Noel fell upon before he even started touring with The High Flying Birds), so threw in a couple of Oasis tracks.

Now being out on his own, we have seen in the past, that Liam doesn’t always have the confidence in his own songs, so will that affect him with his song choices, rely heavily on stuff Noel wrote (yes we know a lot of people want him to do the classics) or will we see him believe in the stuff he wrote? Me personally, would love to see him chuck in a Better Man or a Meaning of Soul

Second question to that effect, Beady Eye tracks? If Gem is around I can see a few being chucked in. I still get chills when I hear that piano kick in on Bring The Light, so I am not adverse to hearing a few of their tracks

So what does every one else think is to come from Liam?

I for one am just excited to see him back and in a better frame of mind. The front man of a generation will be back where he belongs.

Could this be a similar situation to Ian Brown, where everyone knew him as the front man of a massive band, launch a very successful solo career or could this be the straw that breaks the camel’s back?Liamalbum



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